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Issue 24 August 2002





Gardening on a balcony
by Julian Brandram

If you live in a flat and only have a small balcony instead of a garden, you can still enjoy growing flowers and maybe even some fruit and veg as well.

Large flowerpots are expensive but there are lots of other things that you can use instead, such as buckets, dustbins and old sinks. Give them a coat of paint and fill them with plants and no one will notice what they used to be. Choose plants that flower for a long time such as Diascias, petunias and lobelias, take care to avoid plants which will get too big or take up too much space. Climbers such as clematis, honeysuckle, ivy or the annual canary creeper, can all be trained upwards to make the most of the small space but clematis can get a bit battered in a windy spot

Cartoon snail.Scented plants will give you pleasure too, night scented stocks and sweet peas can be cheaply grown from seed, perennials include honey suckle and the summer flowering jasmine as well as sweet rocket.

Herbs such as rosemary, thyme and sage are easy to grow and are so much nicer fresh. Perpetual spinach is also very easy you can grow it from seed and it will keep cropping for months, a better bet than lettuce which is very slow to grow and will quickly go to seed.

Finally some fruit could be included, strawberries are dead easy especially the alpine kind, thornless loganberries can be trained up or over the railings and figs are incredibly easy to grow. Happy gardening!


Cartoon bee (or is it a wasp?).