Burngreave Messenger

Issue 24 August 2002





Work in progress at BCAT
by Steve Cooke (BCAF chair)

Thanks for all the hard work of the staff, Trust members and, above all, the local architect who have worked under a tight timescale to ensure the schedule of work on the site started on time.

Work has commenced at BCAT premises to renovate the first floor of 12-14 Burngreave. This will complete phase 2 of the building, due in 3rd week of August, and which will increase BCAF/T office space. This will enable the organisation to extend its role in supporting the local projects, which will facilitate economic development activities in the area. This huge development wouldn’t have been possible without the SRB funding and support from the local area housing manager Christine Horton.
BCAT Organisational Development Project 
Following meeting with NDfC executive team and Government office, a commitment has been given to protect the current function of BCAT and help to develop the project. NDfC and Government office acknowledge the important role of BCAF/T in the regeneration of Burngreave and are keen to see the development of the organisation. The project is due to be presented in the forthcoming NDC partnership Board meeting due at the end of July. The new NDfC executive John Clark is in a positive frame of mind to work in partnership with local organisations, and looks forward to local organisation’s vital contribution in the delivery of NDC programme.


Burngreave Community Action Forum.